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Metrorail Auto Announcement System, Incorporating Communication & Safety Features.

Specifically Developed for Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa

Special Features of the System

  • The primary function of the system is to make automatic announcements of the train destination and next stop information.
  • In addition it will play safety messages at regular intervals.
  • Many other messages are stored and can be played at specific trigger inputs. Typically when the doors are closed or opened. Pre recorded adverts or information can be triggered by various means.
  • Cell phone communication from the driver to CTC offices is available.
  • Cell phone PA announcements can be made directly on the train.
  • The Driver can communicate with the Centralized Traffic Control Office (CTC) through a built-in cell phone interface.
  • The System will constantly record and transmit it’s position to a Web Based tracking system.
  • Driver warnings can be recorded and announced should the driver violate speed limits in track sections.

Special Features of the System continued

  • The system is specially designed to be used onboard the new 10M motor coaches. Can be adapted to previous versions.
  • It has an easy to use driver interface with LED function display.
  • The Driver can use a dedicated intercom to talk to the Guard in the other motor coach.
  • The Driver or Guard can make Public Announcements at any time.
  • The Driver can communicate with the Centralized Traffic Control Office (CTC) through a built-in cell phone interface.
  • The Announcement System will run automatically and needs no driver intervention.
  • The driver can select on-board entertainment in the form of music.
  • A tracking system will keep record of the trains position and speed at all times

Passenger Information Function & Features

System Module

  • This system forms an extension to the existing PA and intercom equipment as already installed on several motor coach versions, including all current 10M5 motor coaches. The system is also compatible with some 10M2 & 10M4 motor coaches. The module is installed inside the existing Amplifier.


  • The purpose of the system is firstly to keep the passengers informed of events along the route travelled. This includes welcome messages, station arrival, destination, doors open and closed, end of trip, safety messages, etc. These messages can be selected in alternative languages depending on the route traveled.


  • During the trip the system can also play music. Music can be selected according to the trip travelled and customer requirements. Further enhancement of the system can incorporate streaming from a content provider which could include pertinent messages regarding events etc.


  • The system caters for pre-recorded advertisements to be played at specific locations or at specific times of the day.

Safety and Communication Features


  • The system incorporates a cell phone interface that allows secure communication between the driver and the CTC offices. Importantly, the operator can identify with whom the conversation is taking place. At the same time the CTC office can select to make a direct announcement on the train. This announcement can also be pre-recorded.


At present the train position can be accurately recorded and monitored by authorized users at CTC or other institutions. This not only augments the present signaling system but allows the communication system to identify the exact train set or unit, position, speed and route selected. In addition events such as over-speeding can be logged. This event could trigger a SMS alert to be sent to the CTC offices. History of the routes traveled and other events can be recorded at the tracking system as well as on the train itself.
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